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15/09/2021 - Institutional news

A grant from the European Society of Medical Oncology to boost lung cancer research at Hospital del Mar-IMIM

European Lung Cancer Week

Dr. Pedro Rocha

Dr. Pedro Rocha is one of the nine people to receive an award from the European Society of Medical Oncology. In his case, this means joining the lung cancer team at Hospital del Mar led by Dr. Edurne Arriola. He will also take part in the research being carried out by this team at the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute in the field of small cell lung cancer.

These ESMO Research Fellowship grants allow young doctors and researchers the opportunity to develop a research project in a European reference centre. As explained by Dr. Arriola, "The awarding of this grant establishes Hospital del Mar as a world-class centre of interest in the field of oncology." Dr. Rocha is currently working at the MD Anderson Cancer Centre at the University of Texas, in the United States.

"The recognition by the ESMO is an opportunity to focus on a pathology with a clear and urgent need for new therapeutic strategies: small cell lung cancer. The leadership of this project by Dr. Arriola, a reference in this field, will be an essential factor in the success of the project", says Dr. Rocha. In addition to his clinical activity at the hospital, Dr. Rocha will also be participating in a translational research project to analyse new therapeutic approaches to small cell lung cancer.

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