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23/11/2020 - Institutional news

The BAPP renews its TECNIO accreditation

This seal identifies groups and centres in Catalonia that are outstanding in technology and knowledge transfer

The BAPP (Bioanalysis, Proteomics and Pharmacology), a collaborative centre from the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute (IMIM) and the UPF, has obtained the TECNIO accreditation for the period 2020-2023.  This seal, which the centre had already obtained in previous editions, is awarded by the Government of Catalonia through ACCIÓN. It identifies and raises the profile of centres with high scientific and technical capacities that are considered to be developers of differential technologies and which are leaders when it comes to transferring their knowledge and technologies to industry.

The BAPP is a multidisciplinary centre specialising in research and service activities in four sectors: pharmacology, neurosciences, peptide chemistry, and bioanalysis. Its main focus is the development of new drugs for human and veterinary use.  It comprises the Integrated Pharmacology and Systems Neuroscience (Farmacologia Integrada i Neurociència de Sistemes; FINS) research group of the IMIM-Hospital del Mar, on the one hand, and the Proteomics and Protein Chemistry research group from the UPF on the other.

Dr. Josep Rodríguez Morató, researcher at the IMIM-Hospital del Mar and promoter of the BAPP,a collaborative centre from the Hospital del Mar Institute for Medical Research and the UPF. Source: UPF.

The requirements for obtaining the TECNIO seal include research and technology excellence; business and management aspects, such as the use of an internal quality management system; and commercial elements, related to promoting the capabilities and technology of the groups.

According to José Rodríguez-Morató, a researcher in the IMIM-Hospital del Mar Integrated Pharmacology and Systems Neuroscience Research Group and a promoter of BAPP, TECNIO is "a seal of quality and prestige" that is useful in relationships with companies that want to carry out collaborative R&D projects.

The work of the BAPP is focused on collaboration with industry. "It is very important that what we do has an application", stresses Rodríguez-Morató, who adds that "Transfer is a path that future research must go down", due to the innovation potential and funding opportunities it provides.

Otheraccredited UPF groups are BCN MedTech, the UPF's new medical technology centre, and MTG, which carries out research and development into sound and music technologies.

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