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24/07/2020 - Institutional news

IMIM, one of the Health Research Institutes to receive an ISCIII Responsible Research and Innovation Award

In the first edition of the Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) in Health Awards organised by ISCIII and promoted as part of the European project ORION  (Open Responsible research and Innovation to further Outstanding kNowledge) three proposals from three different Health Research Institutes (HRI) have been honoured out of a total of 26 proposals received. One of these three proposals is an IMIM project:

The name of the successful project is "Co-creation and citizen participation in the design of the PENSA Study on the Prevention of Cognitive Impairment in People with Subjective Memory Complaints". Presented by Natàlia Soldevila and Laura Forcano from the Integrated Pharmacology and Systems Neuroscience research group at the IMIM, this work stands out for its application of citizen participation in the design of a clinical trial, an added value that allows the project to be reoriented to better adapt to the needs and expectations of the participants.

Each of the successful projects has been awarded 10,000 euros. The aim is to recognise the work of HRIs, biomedical research centres established in hospitals within the Spanish National Health System, which are associated with universities, other research bodies and companies, and the objective is to generate and develop translational and multidisciplinary knowledge that responds to the health needs of the public. The ISCIII accredits 32 HRIs, which bring together more than 162 institutes employing more than 24,000 researchers.

The competition included six participation categories (ethics, governance, gender equality, open access, public commitment, and health education), in line with the six Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) objectives, a concept that aims to promote the active participation of society in science and innovation from the earliest stages of research projects to try to ensure that future results are as closely aligned with social needs as possible.

The other two award-winning projects are:

- "What really matters" by the Maimonides Institute for Biomedical Research in Còrdova (IMIBIC). This is an innovative approach to science education. It focuses on including the various stakeholders, placing the emphasis on generating interest in science among young people, a key group for promoting scientific culture.

- "Promoting responsible behaviour in research: development of science integrity policies" by the Jimenez Diaz Foundation Institute of Healthcare Research (IIS-FJD). This stands out for its contribution in the area of ethics and integrity in the development of science, by proactively implementing essential regulatory frameworks at the institutional level.

The Award Panel considers that all the projects submitted, and particularly the three winners, "involve different but complementary visions, approaches and starting points from which to implement the principles of Open Science and Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) at the various institutional levels. Each of the selected activities involves unique approaches that provide alternative perspectives with practical utility and transformative capacity, as well as being sustainable in their application, replicable and developed over a long timeframe."

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