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The IMIM becomes part of the European Consortium EATRIS to promote translational medicine

The member institutes of EATRIS are selected and evaluated on an on-going basis according to their infrastructure, experience and quality.

Dr. Oscar J Pozo

The IMIM Clinical Metabolomics Platform led by Dr. Oscar J. Pozo, from the IMIM Integrated Pharmacology and Systems Neuroscience Research Group, has become part of the EATRIS consortium, the European infrastructure for translational medicine, as part of the biomarker platform. This means that the IMIM is now part of a consortium comprising more than 80 prestigious European institutes that is aiming to establish synergies between healthcare researchers by providing them with the most advanced technologies and the experience needed to make headway in translational medicine.

EATRIS is a European Research Infrastructure Consortium (ERIC) whose main objective is to advance translational medicine.  Translational research is a highly multidisciplinary and complex undertaking.  One of the greatest challenges in innovation is to understand which steps are necessary and the most appropriate technology and knowledge for taking these steps. EATRIS facilitates collaboration between healthcare professionals, basic researchers and companies. This makes EATRIS a unique forum for exchanging the know-how, requirements and techniques that promote and support the principles of translational research.

The member institutes of EATRIS are selected and evaluated on an on-going basis according to their infrastructure, experience and quality. In addition, all EATRIS organisations must have a strong translational character and a multidisciplinary environment. Both EATRIS institutes and their scientists are committed to collaborating with researchers and companies to support and accelerate their breakthroughs in biomedical innovation.

Within the EATRIS consortium, the IMIM metabolomics platform will provide its experience in experimental development (choice of the most suitable matrix, sample size, selection of target metabolic pathways, etc.), the development of metabolomics and targeted lipidomics methods, sample analysis using metabolomics strategies, and result interpretation.

Through this partnership, the IMIM is joining a select group of European institutes that, by working together and combining their efforts, are attempting to improve Europe's potential for innovation while providing better patient care.

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