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19/03/2020 - Institutional news

Call for one position for Recognised Researcher (R4)

The IMIM Foundation announces one position for a Recognised Researcher (R4) with the objective of incorporating into the Institute a researcher of excellence, a leader of research in his/her field, and of international prestige in the field of Biomedicine. The incorporation of the candidate should add significant value to the Institute and make a notable contribution towards achieving the Institute's strategic objectives. Researchers from competitive programmes, such as the Ramón y Cajal and similar programmes, who have made exceptional contributions, will be considered. The candidate must have a PhD in the field of Biomedicine and an exceptional research career, with an excellent leadership capacity and proven international experience in one of the IMIM Foundation's research programmes: Cancer, Epidemiology and Public Health, Inflammatory and Cardiovascular Disorders, Biomedical Informatics, or Neurosciences.

The deadline for submission of applications is up to and including 8 May. Applications must be presented electronically to the email address indicating the reference "Recognised Researcher (R4), call FIMIM 01/2020". All the necessary documentation must be attached in the modality stipulated in the call.

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