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Xipre room at 11h

We invite you to the next joint Open seminar, that will take place next Wednesday 8 May at 11h in the Xipre room . The title will be "Application of knowledge-based in silico methods in Toxicology" and will be given by Manuel Pastor, Head of the Pharmacoinformatics group of the HMRI-UPF joint Research Programme on Biomedical Informatics (GRIB) .

Toxicology is a very interesting field for the application of computational methods. In this talk, we will present some contributions of the Pharmacoinformatics laboratory to the Computational Toxicology, carried out in the context of diverse European projects in collaboration with industrial partners and regulators. In particular, we will present approaches aiming to address the biological complexity of toxicological endpoints, produce reliable estimations of the predictions’ uncertainties, and develop operational decision frameworks without using in vivo tests. Most of these tasks involved the development of freely accessible open-source tools, which will be introduced.


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