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Urban health equity: lessons learnt during the Covid-19 pandemic and how do we move from here?

PRBB de 9:45 - 13:00h. Please confirm attendance (

We are pleased to invite you to the EPISAP-BCNUEJ Workshop, organized by the BCNUEJ lab and the Epidemiology and Public Health Program at IMIM (Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute).

As some of you know, the BCN Lab for Urban Environmental Justice willl soon be leaving the PRBB building, and this joint workshop is a way to see each other before we move to our new premises.

We will be having some snacks at the end of the session and registration is limited to 35 people (by order of confirmation), so please confirm your attendance at so we can organize adequately.


9:45-10h: Informal arrivals
· 10:00-10:15h COVID-19 and healthcare workers: the experience of COSAMar cohort (Barcelona) - Mireia Utzet.
· 10:15-10:30h Epidemiological surveillance of COVID-19 in PSMAR - Mercè Comes.
· 10h:30-10:45h Social Inequalities In Mental And Physical Health -Measured With EQ-5D-5L- Derived From The Covid-19 Pandemic In Spain Beyond Infectious Disease -Isabel Moreira.
10:45-11h Discussion on all Part I papers together.
· 11-11:15h The COVID-19 pandemic: Power and privilege, gentrification, and urban environmental justice in the global north -Helen Cole.
· 11:15-11:30h Sociodemographic determinants of intraurban variations in COVID-19 incidence: the case of Barcelona -Isabelle Anguelovski, on behalf of Antoni López-Gay.
· 11:30-11:45h Exposure to nature and mental health outcomes during COVID-19 lockdown. A comparison between Portugal and Spain (Margarita Triguero-Mas)
· 11:45-12:00h Perception and use of public space pre-post pandemic in gentrifying neighborhoods in Barcelona (FEMPUBLICBCN study results) -Valeria Cuenca.
12-12h15 Discussion on all Part II papers together.


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