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Cliniconeuropathological aspects of cortical dysplasias

Sala Charles Darwin (pati interior PRBB) a les 12:00 hores

En el marc de les sessions del Programa de neurociències, el proper dimarts dia 29 de juliol a les 12:00 hores tindrà lloc a la Sala Charles Darwin (Pati interior del PRBB) la sessió que porta per títol "Cliniconeuropathological aspects of cortical dysplasias" impartida pel Prof. Albert Becker, investigador del Departament of Neuropathology, Section for Translational Epilepsy Research de la Universitat de Bonn.

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Principals focus d'interès en recerca (en anglès)

Our group has a strong research interest in exploring the molecular pathogenesis of acquired focal epilepsies. In this context, we have analyzed acquired channelopathies that convert neurons hyperexcitable after transient insults to the brain. We are currently analyzing by different means including optogenetic tools the role of respective ‘pacemaker neurons’ in epileptic hippocampal networks and modes of interfering with the activation of such micronetwork key elements. We, complementarily, analyze pathomechanisms of focal epilepsy in animal models, recently including zebrafish, and have the unique access to brain biopsies of pharmacoresistant epilepsy patients undergoing epilepsy surgery for seizure relief. On this basis, we have established one of the world largest snap-frozen human brain tissue bank, which we use for systems neurobiological analyses in human brain.

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