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11 de juliol de 2014

Post-transcriptional Regulation of Neural Stem Cells and Learning by Fragile X Proteins

Sala Charles Darwin (Pati interior del PRBB) a les 12:00 hores

En el marc de les sessions del Programa de neurociències, el proper divendres dia 11 de juliol a les 12:00 hores tindrà lloc a la Sala Charles Darwin (Pati interior del PRBB) la sessió que porta per títol "Post-transcriptional Regulation of Neural Stem Cells and Learning by Fragile X Proteins" impartida per la Prof. Xinyu Zhao, investigadora del Departament of Neuroscience and Waisman Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health, Madison, USA.

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Breu resum de la sessió en anglès

The research in my laboratory focuses on understanding the molecular mechanisms, particularly epigenetic regulation and post-transcriptional gene regulation that control neural stem cell fate and neurodevelopment with the goal to apply this knowledge in treating brain disorders. We have discovered that fragile X mental retardation protein (FMRP) is an essential regulator of neurogenesis. We showed that deletion of FMRP in adult neural stem cells and new neurons impairs learning, whereas restoration of FMRP only in adult-born new neurons rescues learning. In addition, although many studies are focusing on FMRP, the functions of two related proteins, FXR1 and FXR2, are unclear. Our recent data point to important roles of these two proteins in neurogenesis and neuronal development and their potential synergistic effects with FMRP. Our work unveils novel biological pathways important for fragile X syndrome. Based on our mechanistic discoveries, we have developed a number of therapeutic approaches that can alleviate learning impairment in fragile X mouse models. This work was supported by NIH grants (RO1MH080434 and RO1MH078972); a center grant from the NIH to the Waisman Center (P30HD03352); research grant from FRAXA Foundation, and a research grant from John Merck Fund.

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