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Neurovascular Jaume Roquer



The research lines of NEUVAS are organized in 2 large blocks:

Clinical-Epidemiological Research Line

This is divided into several lines that are:

  • Epidemiology and Clinical Evolution of Stroke
  • Biomarkers
  • Contamination and stroke
  • Nutrition and stroke
  • Neurosonology
  • Neuroimaging

Genetics and Epigenetics Research Line

This section interacts with most lines of the first block, focusing in genetic and epigenetic aspects (more details, see below). We could divide it according to its approaches:

  • Epigenetics (EWAS / microRNAs)
  • Aging and Biological Age (Epigenetic Age)
  • GWAS and Meta-analysis
  • Next Generation Seq
  • Integromics/Machine learning

The investigators of the research group have a priority dedication to the projects of their own research lines, but this is not exclusive. The interaction between different lines and the participation in shared projects is one of the aspects that are promoted in the group and is considered one of its strengths.

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