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Our main lines of research are the following:

Genetics and Epigenetics of Stroke.

We have a long experience in genomic and epigenetic analysis. We have GWAS and EWAS data from about 3,000 and 1,000 stroke patients, respectively, and DNA from about 8,000 patients, one of the largest stroke biobanks in Spain. We have led several projects in the field of genetics associated with stroke prognosis, epigenetic studies and biological aging.

Clinical Management and Epidemiology of Cerebrovascular Disease

We focus on the identification of vascular risk factors, biological markers and relevant clinical phenotypes related to stroke. We use the BASICMAR database as our main source of information and participate in the CICAT registry of the Pla Director de la Malaltia Vascular Cerebral de la Generalitat de Catalunya.

Neuroimaging and Vascular Cognitive Impairment

We have a large collection of MRI studies (more than 1,000 stroke patients), as well as access to computed tomography and computed tomography angiography studies. We use advanced machine learning and deep learning techniques to analyze images and extract data that contribute to the prediction and study of clinical phenotypes.

Subarachnoid Hemorrhage (Omicas-Mar)

This line of research focuses on multi-omic analysis (clinical, genetic, epigenetic, plasma biomarkers and radiomics data) for the prediction of complications and prognosis of subarachnoid hemorrhage, using artificial intelligence algorithms. We have researchers, our own data registry (HSA-MAR), a biobank and a repository of medical images associated with this line.


We investigate carotid and cerebral circulation parameters using transcranial Doppler and advanced neuroimaging. We have extensive experience in the study of stroke recurrence and transient ischemic attacks. We are currently participating in a European ERA-NET project.

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