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Regulatory genomics (Eduardo Eyras)

Eduardo Eyras joined the GRIB as Assistant Professor at the beginning of 2004, and in January 2005 he was appointed ICREA Research Professor at the UPF. He has a PhD in Physics and has worked before in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences of the University of Cambridge and in the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute. He is now group leader of the Regulatory Genomics Group (, one of the groups working on Computational Genomics at GRIB, which exists since 2006. His group is also part of the European network of excellence EURASNET on alternative splicing (

The main research lines is the development of computational methodologies for the study of the regulation and evolution of the mechanism of splicing. E. Eyras has published 15 articles in the area of Mathematical Physics and 18 articles and 1 book chapter in the area of computational biology. Currently the group includes 2 PhD students and one master student. Research

The main research are:

  1. Regulation of splicing. Our current research line focuses in the development of novel computational methodologies in order to gain knowledge in the mechanism of splicing and its evolution. One of our aims is to understand how the regulatory content of an exon and its flanking intron determine the splicing properties observed experimentally. We are also working on the study of the evolution of the snRNAs and protein factors involved in splicing, and the correlation with the change in the splicing signals.
  2. Transcriptome analysis. Our group has wide experience in the development novel strategies for analysis of alternative splicing using expressed sequences. These methods have been applied for the analysis of multiple genomes, and have been crucial for gaining knowledge about the variability of gene expression.
  3. Computational Gene Prediction .We have previous experience in use of comparative methods for gene prediction combined with experimental verification. E. Eyras has also participated in the annotation and analysis of the human, mouse, rat and chicken genomes.

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