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Kidney Disease Julio Pascual

The Kidney Disease Research Group (GREN) aims to contribute to clarifying the mechanisms involved in the onset and progression of kidney diseases through preclinical research into in vivo and in vitro models which allow the study of the molecular mechanisms involved, and will thus help us to identify the treatment targets and new strategies against kidney diseases.

Secondly, the Group adopts a clinical and translational approach to Kidney research, and therefore the second aim is to study these new treatment targets and strategies in depth by performing controlled clinical trials and observational projects of great interest, while securing all levels of possible commitment: promoters, main researchers, collaboration in multi-centre projects and own projects.

Our research focuses mainly on kidney diseases such as diabetic or polycystic nephropathy, in addition to treatment resistant hypertension and the search for biomarkers in chronic and acute kidney failure. Nowadays, kidney transplantation is the treatment available for terminal kidney failure patients. Therefore, we also focus on the study of cell and humoral immune response in patients carrying a transplanted kidney. This is a translational study which will help us to optimise post-transplantation immunosuppressive treatment.

Research lines 

  • Pathogenesis of Diabetic Nephropathy. More
  • Genetic Variants in Kidney Diseases. More 
  • Pathophysiology, Risk Factors and Biomarkers in Kidney Diseases. More
  • Kidney Transplantation and Immune Response. More 

The Kidney Disease Research Group (GREN) performs various clinical trials in IB/IV phases, the most important of which at the start of 2011 is:

Controlled, Randomized, Prospective, Double-Blind, Multicenter, Phase I/II, Dose-Escalation Study of the Safety, PK, and Clinical Activity of I5NP for Prophylaxis of Delayed Graft Function in Patients Undergoing Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation. More


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