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Drug abuse epidemiology Antonia Domingo

The Epidemiology Research Group for Drug Abuse carries out studies that reveal the magnitude of the problem of drug consumption in the population, as well as contributing to the study of their consequences and the suitability of the treatments employed.

In this way, studies are done by applying different statistical methodologies to estimate the prevalence (number of people who consume in a specific period) and the incidence (those who have started consumption in a specific period) of substance consumption in Barcelona and also throughout Spain. Other studies analyse the problems related to or derived from the consumption of these substances, such as comorbidity (to have some other illness in addition to the one under study, in our case, illnesses due to substance use), psychiatric or of another nature and mortality. We are also working on studies that seek to find instruments to detect disorders in different settings that are derived from substance consumption and any possible associated psychiatric problems. We have also studied the effectiveness of treatments for these patients.

The Epidemiology Research Group for Drug Abuse is a small group that collaborates with other groups in the Epidemiology and Public Health Programme, as well as with other groups from other programmes and at other institutions. It also contributes its knowledge about drug abuse epidemiology to different official national and international bodies, such as the Deputy General Directorate of Drug Addiction of the Catalan Autonomous Governement, the ‘Government Delegation for the National Drug Plan’ and the ‘European Monitoring Centre for Drug and Drug Abuse’, EMCDDA. It is integrated as part of Red de Trastornos Adictivos.

The objectives of the group are:

  • To contribute to knowledge about the magnitude and impact of this health problem in order to orient the suitable health care initiatives.
  • To contribute to the evaluation of the effectiveness of the treatment programmes for this population.
  • To help those who may have valid tools for detecting drug abuse problems.


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