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Alexandre Calon is a Miguel Servet (ISCIII) funded principal investigator with considerable experience in the field of tumor microenvironment. He published several articles on the topic in high impact journals as first author and corresponding author (Calon et al, 2012, Cancer cell; Calon et al., 2015; Nature Genetics; Calon et al, 2014, Seminars in Cancer Biology). His research covered the study of cancer-associated fibroblasts (Berdiel-Acer et al, 2014; Calon et al, 2014; Tauriello et al., 2017), chemotherapy-driven immune modulation (Lo Re et al., 2018) and mechanisms of cancer stem cells self-renewal (Whissel et al., 2014). Dr. Calon recently collaborated to the discovery that TGF-beta directs immune evasion in colon cancer metastasis (Tauriello et al., 2018; Nature).

Jenniffer Linares (MD) is a specialist in medical Oncology that acquired solid experience in basic sciences and laboratory techniques. Jenniffer Linares collaborated to projects studying decision-making and treatment in various cancers (Antonio et al., 2018; Linares et al, 2015; Linares et al., 2016). She developed a research project on the microenvironment contribution to response to chemotherapy, working with primary organoids derived from patient samples and stromal cells associated with cancer. Jenniffer Linares is currently preparing her doctoral thesis "Characterization of the stroma as a therapeutic target" (UB 2017-present) at IMIM under the supervision of Dr. A. Calon.

Elisa Isabel Rivas holds a PhD in immunology and acquired vast knowledge in immunosuppression and onco-immunology. She has developed extensiveskills in immunology, in microscopy and in molecular biology techniques. Over the last years, Dr. Rivas has been investigating the tumor stroma and personalized therapies in breast cancer. Dr. Rivas collaborated on the development of immunocompetent models of metastasis to investigate mechanisms of immune evasion during cancer progression (Tauriello et al., 2018).

Mar Iglesias (MD PhD) has recently finalized her doctoral thesis entitled "Development of prognostic biomarkers of stromal origin in colorectal cancer, based on immunohistochemical analysis" under the supervision of Dr. A. Calon and Dr E. Batlle (UAB Barcelona, 2019, qualification Excellent "cum laude"). Dr. Mar Iglesias is a pathologist at Hospital del Mar with expertise in colorectal cancer. Dr. Mar Iglesias has been involved in projects investigating the relevance of the tumor microenvironment during cancer progression (Orozco et al, 2018) and the identification of biomarkers with prognostic and diagnostic power (Calon et al, 2015). Dr. Mar Iglesias has an extensive record of national and international collaborations covering studies of pathological classification (Mariette et al, 2019), tumor resistance to treatment (Sanchez-Martin et al, 2016) and immunity in cancer (Lo Re et al, 2018; Tauriello et al, 2018).

Jordina Pasqual, Master Thesis in Translational Oncology "Impact of hypoxia on epithelial cancer and stromal cells in colorectal tumors", 2018, UPF Barcelona

Melissa Zwick, Master Thesis in Molecular Medicine, 2019-present, Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg

Paula Cantallops, Master Thesis in Translational Oncology, 2020-present, UPF Barcelona


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