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17/05/2018 - Institutional news

Dr. Luis Espinosa and Dr. Anna Vert, editors of a special edition of the journal Biomedicines

The two IMIM researchers, Lluís Espinosa and Anna Vert, have been chosen to edit a special edition of the journal Biomedicines, from the MDPI publishing house. Under the title Stem Cells and Cancer Therapeutics, it will focus, in the words of the publishers, "on understanding the molecular mechanisms controlling normal cells and stem cells related to cancer, as well as the tools available for studying them in vitro and in vivo." This issue will focus on how new technologies can be used in cancer therapies.

The special edition will include around twelve articles by particularly renowned authors. Five of these articles can already be consulted in open format, including the paper "Mammary Stem Cells and Breast Cancer Stem Cells: Molecular Connections and Clinical Implications", authored by Dr. Toni Celià-Terrassa, a researcher from the IMIM's Cancer Research Programme. Soon, a second article, entitled "Stem-like Signature predicting disease progression in early Stage Bladder Cancer. The role of E2F3 and Sox4 ", by Dr. Joaquim Bellmunt, the director of the IMIM, will also be accessible.

The editors
Dr. Lluís Espinosa heads up one of the basic research groups in the IMIM's Cancer Research Programme, the Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer and Stem Cells, and is a member of CIBERONC. Dr. Anna Vert is a researcher in the same group and is also a member of CIBERONC. Both agree that "the honour of being chosen as editors of this special edition of Biomedicines is recognition of the excellent research work carried out by the IMIM and its staff." Biomedicines is a recent creation that last year appeared in Pubmed. Based on current issues, it publishes special editions edited by renowned international scientists. At the moment, the only Spanish editors involved in any of these editions are Dr. Espinosa and Dr. Vert.

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