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Laboratory technician. (Degree in Biomedical Sciences. It will be positively valued to have a master's degree in biomedical research).

Researcher/s responsible for the project:
Antoni Celià Terrassa
Project title:
LCOR mRNA therapy as an essential partner for breast cancer immunotherapy response (INNOV223495CELI )
Research group / Service:
Cancer stem cells and metastasis dynamics research group
The selected person will join the Cancer stem cells and metastasis dynamics research group (Cancer research program).
The selected person will carry out experimental techniques in the field of the study of genetic material and molecular biology and immunology, cell culture techniques for manipulating, cell modifying for gene and techniques of localization and quantification of protein molecules (Western blot and immunohistochemistry).Also will make studies in experimental animals in vivo to the mentioned project.
Degree in Biomedical Sciences. Have a Master in biomedical research will be positively valued
Candidates should have previous experience in the tasks mentioned previously.
The candidates must necessarily have experience in laboratory techniques: cell culture, Western blot and immunohistochemistry, PCR, flow cytometry, molecular biology techniques and other techniques to study cellular effects (viability, proliferation, apoptosis, migration, invasion, DNA damage). Mandatory fluent level of English and informatics knowledge of Office and internet (user levels).
Additional information:
Mandatory to have worked in a research group.
CT formatiu per a l'obtenció de la pràctica professional 12p
Schedule Retribution Hire date
Part time (32 hours/week) 22780.11 € bruts anuals October 2023

Aquest procés de selecció ha finalitzat en data 20-09-2023.

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