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05/05/2021 - General information

Dr. Ana Aldea elected member of the Steering Committee of the ISCIII Platform for Clinical Research Support

Dr. Ana Aldea

The General Assembly of the ISCIII Clinical Research Support Platform has elected Dr. Ana Aldea, Head of the Clinical Pharmacology Section at Hospital del Mar and coordinator of the IMIM Clinical Research Unit, as a member of the Steering Committee.

The ISCIII Clinical Research Support Platform, (SCReN, Spanish Clinical Research Network), is a network structure supporting clinical research and is made up of the 34 units financed in the PT20 call of the Carlos III Health Institute, distributed among hospitals throughout the National Health System (SNS). This network structure, acting in a coordinated manner, will be responsible for executing the actions necessary to achieve the Platform's objectives.

The Steering Committee is the body in charge of advising and guiding the Platform Coordination in the fulfillment of the strategic plan and ensures that all decisions are consistent with it, as well as guiding and advising on strategies aimed at achieving objectives, among other functions.

Dr. Aldea emphasizes that "2021 is being a year of transition and that procedures and criteria are being redefined for the prioritization of clinical studies to be supported in the network. These procedures and criteria will be made known to clinical investigators once the final version is available"

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