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21/03/2021 - General information

We are supporting World Down Syndrome Day through the campaign “21 reasons to collaborate with science”. Can you help us spread the word?

The goal is to promote clinical research into people with Down's syndrome, to encourage them to get involved in the clinical studies

March 21st is World Down Syndrome Day and we are joining in by launching the "21 reasons to collaborate with science" campaign. The goal is to promote clinical research into people with Down's syndrome, to encourage them to get involved in the clinical studies that are currently being carried out and, in this way, to help improve the health and quality of life of these people.

Through the 21 reasons campaign, the team of Dr. Rafael de la Torre, director of the Neurosciences research programme at the Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute, wants to raise awareness and encourage people with Down syndrome to get involved in the studies they are conducting. According to Dr. de la Torre, "The therapeutic approach to these people, given their genetic features, has been quite specific, and the more knowledge we have, the more we will be able to adjust the therapy to their needs. Certain medical practices should also be studied in individuals with this syndrome."

The research team is currently running two studies and needs people with Down syndrome and their families to get involved, in order to advance knowledge.

EEGDS: Studying neural activity in adults with Down syndrome (Estudi d'activitat neural en adults amb Síndrome de Down)

In animal models of Down syndrome it has been shown that there is hyperactivity of the endocannabinoid system and that at the same time there is a higher concentration of endocannabinoids in plasma than in people with typical intellectual development. This study aims to demonstrate that the alterations in neural oscillations in people with Down syndrome could be similar to those observed in people who use cannabis-derived substances, which are already well studied.

Further information:

The GO-DS 21 study: what is the relationship between Down syndrome and obesity?

The GO-DS21 study is a multi-centre project, involving 12 centres from 6 different countries. The aim is to identify and understand the factors that lead to common comorbidities in Down syndrome, such as obesity and intellectual disability. The purpose of this study is to determine the genetic, epigenetic, and environmental mechanisms that contribute to an increased risk of developing these comorbidities.

Further information:

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that occurs when an extra copy of all or part of chromosome 21 is produced. That is why the campaign is called 21 reasons, and why the UN has chosen the 21st as World Down Syndrome Day. Up to now, not enough attention and resources have been devoted to this syndrome compared to other diseases. In recent years this seems to have changed, but to be able to make progress in medicine, clinical trials are very important, and that is why you are essential. You will be in the hands of the best medical professionals and researchers who will help answer all your questions. We invite you to help us spread the word about this campaign to advance awareness of Down syndrome. You are the key, will you help us?

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