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01/02/2012 - Institutional news

MARBiobanc obtains the Quality Management System UNE – EN ISO 9001:2008 certification.

The MARBiobanc or Biobank of the Parc de Salut Mar is an infrastructure supporting research whose main mission is to ensure quality, traceability and safety in the storage of biological samples from the Parc de Salut Mar used for research, organized “as a technical unit with quality, order and purpose criteria” (Law 14/2007 of 3rd July on biomedical research. This certification is an acknowledgement of the task performed over the two past years by the staff working at IMIM’s Biobank and at the Hospital del Mar to provide the Biobank with an organizational infrastructure and equipment. During the past year, the Scientific Committee of the Biobank was established, it has become associated to the Clinical Research Ethics Committee (CEIC in Spanish) of the Parc de Salut Mar as the Ethics Committee of the Biobank and the circuits to apply, register and cede human samples for research purposes have been developed.

MARBiobanc follows the guidelines published recently in Royal Decree 1716/2011 on 18th November conducive to the establishments of the norms governing the creation of collections of human biological samples for research, the register of these collections in the National Biobanks Register as well as the condition for their cession for research, ensuring safety and providing the highest protection of donors’ rights. All requests for biological samples from patients and donors under the custody of the Biobank must be processed at the MARBiobanc secretariat and are assessed by the Biobank’s Ethic and Scientific Committee. The main condition these samples have to obey so they can be ceded is that they be accompanied by the relevant informed consent of the donor, accepting their cession for research purposes (Law 14/2007 of 3rd July on Biomedical Research and Royal Decree 1716/2011 of 18th November).

The catalogue of available samples may be consulted on the Biobank’s website

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