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Working protocols

The CEIm-PSMAR has a set of Rules and Regulations (fifth version approved by CEIm-PSMAR on November 14, 2017) as well as Working Protocols (PNTs)(second version approved by the CEIm-PSMAR on November 14, 2017). Investigators may look up any of these documents or may request a copy from the Office of the CEIC-PSMAR.

  • PNT 001: Basic principles governing the Committees' actions
  • PNT 002: Composition of the Committee and its areas of activity
  • PNT 003: Functions of the Committee
  • PNT 004: Functions of the President, the Vice-president and the Secretary
  • PNT 005: Substitution and renewal of committee members
  • PNT 006: Scheduling and periodicity of meetings
  • PNT 007: Receipt of protocols and communication of decission on protocols
  • PNT 008: Evaluation of clinical trial protocols
  • PNT 009: Decission making procedures
  • PNT 010: Clinical trial follow-ups
  • PNT 011: Document filing
  • PNT 012: Assignment of experts and consultants
  • PNT 013: Preparation and running of the meetings
  • PNT 014: Preparation and approval of meetings notes

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